May 26, 2015 in Strategy

The Launch of Ignite Digital

This is a really exciting moment for us, the launch of our new agency, Ignite Digital Marketing!

Ignite Digital is an evolution, created by a team that already runs a successful agency called Ignite Hospitality Marketing, a creative marketing and digital agency for the hospitality sector. The company is based in London and works with restaurant groups and hotels globally.

Working with restaurants and hotels has taught us many things, probably the most important of which is how to build an emotive connection with an audience. Selecting where to eat and sleep are highly emotive decisions. Eating out is usually a social experience, it inevitably involves friends and family. Travel is all about emotion, whether it’s precious leisure time or objective-led business travel.

The Excite Factor

Running digital campaigns for some of the most successful hospitality groups has enabled us to really look at what influences emotive behaviour. We identify The Excite Factor that triggers an emotional connection. It’s a humanist approach, the deep understanding of instinctive emotive behaviour that leads to significant engagement with people and a successful campaign.

Immersive & Collaborative

The other key technique that we’ve developed and will be applying to Ignite Digital is our immersive, collaborative process. Profound collaboration with our clients is something we hold dearly valuable. We commit to understanding the broader business challenges faced by our partners and follow our proprietary step-by-step process to provide real insight. We live the experience provided by our partners’ products and services and feel any delight and any pain that might be associated with that purchase.

By being true partners we believe in problems, not briefs. Often the best solution isn’t immediately obvious and we must work together to figure out what the best solution is to achieve business goals. By spending time with our partners and working with members of their team we tease out the very best solutions.

Digital & Physical Collide

The gap between physical and digital experiences is being ever reduced. Digital connections must also bridge the real world. This is crucial in hospitality, where the experience is totally physical. Customers don’t categorise things the way a business does so we develop campaigns that work to a system, not specific channels. Multiple channels that cross from digital to real life are far more effective at connecting with people.

Data & Testing

All this is supported and driven by our passion for data. Testing, challenging and learning from doing. Our tools and process produce actionable information that provides remarkable insight into human emotive behaviour.

It’s a powerful approach and we believe we can apply these techniques very effectively and successfully to non-hospitality businesses. Ignite Digital will provide us and our future partners with that opportunity.

We are currently seeking new partners who are intrigued and excited by our approach. If you’d like to learn more please get in touch for a chat.

Paul West


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